Web site modifications

I have just discovered that the php implementation on Sourceforge do not allow mail() function to work. This means that site registration will not work unless I disable e-mail verification, and I do not want to do that, due to the spam stuff exc..., you know.

So I decided to disable the user login module at all, and move the forums under phpBB platform on Sourceforge. In fact, Sourceforge allow to install phpBB automatically. To login into the forums, you will need to have a Sourceforge account (wich require e-mail verification), then you log in into Sourceforge, open my forums and you will find out that you are already logged in.

So, substantially, you login into Sourceforge and you will be automatically logged in also in my forums. The forum link in the menu was changed accordingly.

I now this may sound complex, but this may be only a temporary solution, at least until I found a better one.

If you have any problems, you can write me at raffamaiden(at)gmail(dot)com.

EDIT: Clean URLs also implemented!!