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FinalMetronome 0.0.8 released

Just released another revision of FinalMetronome. Both windows and linux binaries are available, and os course also source code. Go to Download->Binaries to download it. See the ChangeLog in the download to see a full list of changes in this release

FinalMetronome 0.0.7 released - Linux version finally out

I released a new version of FinalMetronome, the 0.0.7 one.

The major news is that after some bunch of work I finally got a working linux binary that is usable without much troubles by the end-user. This mean that you download the binary package, decompress it, double-click on the finalmetronome icon and it should work just out-of-the-box. The linux binary version is currently for i386 architectures only.
Aside from that, version 0.0.7 comes with new features and bug fixes. You will find all of them in the ChangeLog.

Piwik and linux

I just got Piwik, a real time web analytics software, working on this site.

Now a great news: I just got Final Metronome almost working under linux, to be precise under lucid distribution. I had to fight against a few bugs, almost related to the completely different way in wich functions (expecially GUI-related callbacks) are called under linux, wich resulted in functions processing objects that were not even initialized :-)

A bit annoying, but not a real pain after learning gdb. Now I'm studying autotools to deal with user-friendly cross-compilation.

Final Metronome 0.0.5 released!

I just released Final Metronome version 0.0.5 . As stated previously, "OpenMetronome" has been renamed to "Final Metronome". Click here for more information, including the reason of the renaming.

This version contains a lot of new features, see the changelog.txt file to a full list of all the new features. I have updated the Software->Final Metronome page.

Open Metronome renamed to Final Metronome

I have just renamed the project name from "Open Metronome" to "Final Metronome".

This is due to another project that was created before this one and it was already named "Open Metronome". I just discovered that project by searching in Google for my one. Unfortunately, I didn't do this search before publishing my project. I searched for "Final Metronome" and no software seems to be named like that. The name change should avoid confusion between the projects, among users and also among search engines.

OpenMetronome 0.0.4 released

I have released a new version of OpenMetronome. This contains lots of new features, such as a windows that will allow you to select wich sound to play for every beat, potentially infinite audio files can now be loaded (previously you could load only two audio files), a midi drum set and much mover. Discover them on changelog.txt. Also, I have released a version wich do not need the Base Pack installation, so you just have to download it and that's all. It is not so big either (less than 2 MB).

Web site modifications

I have just discovered that the php implementation on Sourceforge do not allow mail() function to work. This means that site registration will not work unless I disable e-mail verification, and I do not want to do that, due to the spam stuff exc..., you know.

OpenMetronome 0.0.3 released!

OpenMetronome 0.0.3 has been released for Windows! OpenMetronome is a multi-platform opensource metronome. Go to Software->OpenMetronome for more information.

As usual, go to Download->Binaries to get it. Note that this version will require a "LiveForMusic Base Pack" to be installed. You will find all you need in the download section.

This version includes bug fixes and some new features, such as FMOD as the new sound engine. You will find all deatils in the changelog.txt file.

Happy donwloading! :-)

OpenMetronome v. 0.01 released!

The first version of OpenMetronome, our open source metronome for musicians, has just been released!

Binaries are available for Windows users. Go to the Download|Binaries page to get it!

Go to Software|OpenMetronome to find more information about this software, including screenshots.

If you are using other O.S., you can of course compile OpenMetronome from scratch. Take a look at Download|Source to discover how simple it is!

This version equals to SVN rev. 10.

Welcome to liveformusic project

Liveformusic provides free opensource software related to music, such as metronome, tuner, guitar chords diagram generators, tonality analyzers

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